Joyce:America Speaks: Proxies replace Delegates



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Why despair if you are a chosen Delegate  to the  Democratic or Republican Convention, but cannot afford to attend?   Read on and support proxies and your delegated representative to support your proxy!!!

You may not have the ability to travel to the convention, though I do believe the Political Party, should sponsor you, your presence isn’t necessary. Those who can afford to attend, should attend , and carry the notarized proxies of the delegates unable to attend. I believe this legally binds the convention to accept your vote for your chosen candidate. Plus your proxies would carry the platforms you support as well.

Still not satisfied with not being physically present,  insist upon Skype connections or other computer or iPhone links to connect you with your designated representative.
Usually only 5-10, maximum can form a committee, negotiate for the platform and vote.
You don’t need a crowd to attend. You need notarized statements with your signatures. These statements representing your state’s vote and platform positions can be read out loud by your chosen representative. 
The  existing Convention necessity is old , expensive, but not insurmountable. You can vote through your proxy. It’s done all the time while choosing condo boards. Use it and relax , your voices can be heard.
Have a great holiday. Where there is a will there is a way !!!


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