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Larry Brinks requested that we discuss “the Syrian Crisis”.  I’ve enclosed this paragraph from the NEW YORK Times and direct you to an email link, directly from Syria, “Syria Deeply” for further reading.

  • “And Aleppo continues to burn.
    “When a free-trade agreement with the U.S.A. drives hundreds of thousands of people to the streets, but such horrible bombings as in Aleppo do not trigger any protest, then something is not right,” said Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel.
    No, not right. Pictures of war and suffering have pricked the public conscience and provoked action before. There was Kevin Carter’s photograph from 1993 of a starving toddler and a vulture in Sudan. There was the photograph of the dead American soldier dragged through Mogadishu, which hastened the United States’ retreat from Somalia. There was Nick Ut’s 1972 photograph from South Vietnam of the naked 9-year-old Phan Thi Kim Phuc, screaming, burned by napalm. These pictures drove news cycles for weeks, months, years, helping tip the scales of policy.”

We see the images of carnage and we’re numb to hostile?  Why?  What has changed our culture from care and compassion for others, to a passive curiosity about what happens on our “Planet”

Hundreds of families gathered in the rebel enclave of the Syrian city
 to be picked up. Later Thursday, the first wave had reached the
 government-held side.


At this moment, 8000 men, women and children have been evacuated as the fighting continues.  Gun shots heard outside the City has stopped the further evacuation of civilians.  After 6 years of war, when does it end?


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