Joyce America Speaks Periscope 11am Trumped, EO’s & now Syria

Obama or Trump, with a dysfunctional Congress, Trump will circumvent Congress and legislate through White House Executive Orders. In Trump’s administration, the Trump Kitchen Cabinet, composed of the scions of Industry, media and Technology will shape the rules.

For the Bankers and Wall Street that may mean less capital cushions on hand to shield the Banks from another “crisis”. It may mean more risk! Irrational exuberance and high animal spirits! Remember those words! The epithets for the “FISCAL CRISIS of 2008”, we don’t want to see history repeating. The result could be a lot uglier then the Recession of 2008.


Sorry to be a Debby Downer, as one developer stated , but the facts remain. Businessmen are in charge and they have shown a greater concern for their personal bottom lines then ” we the People”.  Job numbers out today; they weren’t good!  98,000 added

We are a “gig” economy because business has the upper hand and they have shown little compassion for the needs of we the people. As the Economist , Angus Dean states, white males are dying at a greater rate then the minorities. Despair, suicide and drugs are crippling them with no readily available jobs in sight.

Adding to our problems is Betsy DeVos. A 16% fee has just been added to the student loan debt problem. There may be no government  guaranteed “work out” of student debt. This could be a cascading problem, since 99% of the loans are guaranteed by parents and their homes.

To a hammer the nail is the problem. To a businessman personal gain defines themselves. It’s time to rethink what we the people need and resist laws being imposed that are against our self interest even if we “like” the man in office controlling our destiny.

We have Power to resist and make our voices heard. My hope is” we the people” will raise our voices high before the next crisis hits.

Sorry to bust anyone’s bubble! The facts speak for themselves. 

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