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Before the great Corporate Tax Cuts, the Harvard Business Review , in 2011, wrote  “What Great Companies do Differently” . To paraphrase, “They created value for Society, solved the Worlds problems and still made money, too! Eight years later, who are those companies? Has every Corporation become a transactional business, forgetting about their employees , the American consumer and America?  Is the lack of evidence that great companies still exist, the reason many millennials are embracing Socialism?

The facts. $Trillions have disappeared into Corporate coffers for buybacks and the remuneration of shareholders and CEO’s.

  • Meanwhile, who’s looking out for employees health?

  • 1. Lay-offs lead to cardiovascular disease by 44% over 4 yrs. plus numerous unhealthy behaviors including suicide.
  • 2. Long Work Hours lead to accidents, hypertension & lack of sleep
  • 3. Lack of control over one’s job causes stress.
  • 4. Economic insecurity in the “ gig “ economy leads to stress
  • 5. Not providing Healthcare increases mortality and morbidity. A healthy population is more productive.

These comments were taken from a 2011 Harvard Business Review issue!

What have we the People lost ? What could have been? Roseabeth Moss Kanter explains: Great companies work to make money, however, like Inatitutions, they invest in the future, while being aware of the need to build people and society. What do these Corporations have in common?

  • 1. Great companies have an institutional logic that states a common purpose , enabling people to rise, even when cultures are diverse.
  • 2. They create a sustainable long term institution, sacrificing short term gains to pursue long term goals.
  • 3. By upholding institutional values, people develop a sense of commitment to the organization, they’re emotionally motivated to achieve and work with others to improve process and performance.
  • 4. Corporations can be ambassadors of good will, spreading influence by helping communities with their resources without expecting a quid quo pro. It’s a win win.
  • 5. Great Companies rely on relationships and assume they can trust people. They are more likely to treat employees as self determining professionals who coordinate and integrate activities by self organizing and generating new ideas.

The same concepts I lived by, from 1976-2013 , were in existence throughout the Great Recession. Values changed after 2010. No need to ponder our change. Be outraged and demand to be treated with respect as a professional. Together we can change the future of Corporate Greed and malfeasance and bring back Institutional values.

A win win for America & Americans.

See you Monday and we’ll chat.

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