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I’ve just gone over my old archives and come to the same conclusions, we need a macro view of America and our World.

Our State of Inequality exacerbates all the other problems Americans are experiencing. Main Street knows they’re stagnating. Main Street knows services and  uniform Educational standards should exist. We’re aware we don’t have access to decent healthcare, counseling services and addiction treatment centers. We know people are dying all over this Country because we lack the data to assess the extent of air and water pollution. We’re also aware that Harsh, Late Stage Capitalism serves the needs of an elite few , while 360 million suffer .

  • ◦ Our State of Inequality has been aided and abetted by  Government Policy that has been influenced by Corporations , keen on maintaining Corporate profits and Monopolies. Today I read the Big Banks we’re going to pull their funding from for profit prisons and detention centers fearing a public backlash. I didn’t know they had a heavy investment in these self perpetuating cruel forms of justice.
  • In NYC , if you jump an MTA fare, don’t pay your $2.50 , you could be incarcerated. Yet, if you bring down the entire economy, who was jailed? Which Banker chipped in their salary to help bailout Americans?
  • I used to think everyone with means should adopt a 99 er, someone who had been unemployed for 99 weeks. Now we don’t even count the unemployed. Many are off the rolls. There’s much to gripe about, however, unless we think about how to fund our Society,  we’ll be forever whining.

I’ve come up with several plans to generate revenue to fund our Society going forward. I’ll present them for your review once again.

Then we can discuss what’s possible!

1. Tax Derivatives 6% and we’ll decrease Bank and Bank like entities Fiscal risk. Since there are in excess of 1000 Quadrillion Dollars in CDO’s ( credit default obligations) , the same type of fiscal irresponsibility that occurred in 2008 , only larger, exists today!  Include Insurance Companies backing up our Healthcare and pension plans and our Economic Risk increases exponentially.

2. Expand the deduction for FICA to include everyone, independent of salary and total compensation. No special exemptions for equal contributions from Big Businesses.

3. Institute a Carbon Tax @$47 a ton to be imposed on fossil fuel Corporations and carbon emitters. You’d be surprised how many industries emit significant amounts of Carbon Dioxide & methane gases into the air and water. Clothing manufacturers Globally,  big Agricultural Farms and cosmetic and bottling companies, to name a few.  I’d reduce the tax burden for “good” Corporate citizens, who oppose methane deregulation and intend to capture methane gas for industrial use, becoming zero carbon emitters.

With all this money from risky businesses and polluters, we’ll have enough money to fund Infrastructure/Climate Mitigation and our health and welfare.


4. Or we could take the Sherrod Brown-Bennet Bill for childcare allowances of $250-300.00 per month per child to the next level and consider:  A Basic Living Wage of $12,000 for 154 Million Americans, 18 yrs old or older, earning $75,000 or below.  Where would we get the money to fund a Basic Living Wage?  Write off the $1.7 Trillion in 2008 Bonds held by the Treasury and cut a one time check,  to 154 Million Americans.  It’s a thought. 

How do we get control of the money in order to allocate it to make our lives better? That’s the next question.

  • One way is through voting and election Reforms which requires hard work and rewriting of existing City and State Charters.  It’s doable; activism takes time, planning and long term dedication to Democracy
  • Simultaneously, labor can unite under Union banners,  anonymously, using me as your Lobbyist, like Corporate activists,  we’ll demand seats on Corporate Boards and  assure that Corporations are responsive to the needs of “We the People”. Ultimately, we’ll use anti trust to break up the Monopolies created in our Country and get back to innovative competition.
  • The Labor revolution started in 1891. It took till the 1970’s to recede. Now in 2019, we are into a full blown “2 Nd Gilded Age”.

If you’re happy with your lot in life do nothing. If not,  unite with your colleagues and Communities. Let’s expand our networks of Communication till we can honestly say, we’ve conquered inequality and we’re controlling our destiny through good policies promoting a “Green New Deal”.

  • Unless we Mitigate man’s effects on Climate exacerbation,  nothing else will matter.

We may get lucky.  A scientific innovation may generate new ideas to Mitigate Climate crises.   To find out, we, Americans , should be striving beyond our individual capacities!

Thank you for reading dear followers.

See you Friday and we’ll chat!

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