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  • The graph on Inequality , shows the disparity in wealth from wealthy classes to the poorer classes and the Middle Class. The degree of Wealth Transfer has been dramatic, creating segregated schools and communities once again, as Big Businesses divide our Cities, raking in the funds and giving nothing back to the Communities.  We have two Americas, no wonder those in Power do not want Election Reform or Elections funded by the Public?  How else would they, the Politicians, derive and maintain, their Power?  We see the Problems, but who’s going to help us create an imperfect but more fair society, addressing all our needs?
  • By 2015, I was stating, I was “Mad as Hell”!  I understood citizens United had opened the floodgates for Money and Power to merge more cohesively and they have.  We went from 500+ Lobbyists in the 1990’s to over 1500  Lobbyists in 2019.  Their influence over Congressional representatives makes our Laws.  Tax Cuts for the Wealthy, No estate taxes,  unfettered business, Capitalism at it’s more pernicious, making money and profit, as an end in itself.  The age of a Society that cares about People has come to an end.  Can it be resurrected? Yes!  The next Elections will determine how fast and the progress to be expected.  Bipartisanship whittled away at the original Stimulus package proposed by Obama, that’s one reason our Economy is limping along with few innovations and wage stagnation.  Unless we accept bold new ideas for revenue generation, no one will be lifted out of Poverty or Low wages.  We will become a Nation of supplicants, no better off than those in other developing Nations.
  • In July 2015, I proposed a bold idea to generate revenue and simultaneously curtail financial risk.  Tax Derivatives and High Speed trades 6% and the Country would reduce risk in these products and have a Trillion Dollars to Spend.  Enough for Infrastructure and training for those technological jobs we’ve heard about, but haven’t seen.

With so many of our Cities polluted by toxic waste, why isn’t anyone enforcing clean-up and generating plans for safer, cleaner cities?  The short answer, Big Business reaps rewards for not being responsive to the needs of “we the People”.  Why should this entrenched Elite, care?   Until we vote overwhelmingly for change and support one candidate for the Presidency overwhelmingly,  we will continue to wander aimlessly without a leader that cares about “We the People” .  Taken all together, the Democrats have worthwhile ideas, I know I came up with some of them in 2015.

  1. A basic Living wage: $12,000 for everyone 18 and older making $75, 000 or less could be funded by the Treasury initially, at no cost, by a simple notation, cancelling out the $1.7 Trillion in Corporate Bonds they’re holding since 2008.
  2. Or we could increase the payroll tax deduction, by extending the upper limit of payment from the current level, to no upper income limit.  Then, everyone pays into the Social Security, Medicare , Medicaid and Healthcare Systems.  Since, everyone benefits from Social Security and Medicare, why shouldn’t everyone contribute, independent of Compensation?
  3. To overcome Gentrification and our crumbling Infrastructure and transportation systems, why not tax Land Owners who benefit from the Infrastructure and Corporate HQ’s that are currently exempt?  Another 5-7% tax would generate Billions for every city and the money would pay for Infrastructure jobs and a cleaner Society.
  4. There’s nothing magical about government.  Without our “Pay to play” politics, our cost of goods would be lower.  I know, when I was asked to take a $40,000 charge for Marketing on a large commercial project, someone had to pay more, to overcome my deficit.  Customizing Laws to suit the Rich and influential has always occurred in America.  It’s never occurred with so little transparency and with so much money before.  How are we going to unite and behind which candidate?  This is a life style choice.  Do we want a seat at the table, or do we want to continue to be someone’s lunch?  If we continue with Donald Trump and the folks who support him, we’re in for a World of pain, when they leave.  How much more would everyone want to suffer before calling a halt to these bad policies?  Interesting, I don’t believe Trump went and visited the MidWestern floods, yet citizens are content with his policies.  Are you?
  5. 2013-2014 Were turbulent years in the Middle East.  I wrote about Iran, terrorism and Israel extensively.  I was privileged to sit in on Both Bibi’s phone calls on Iran and Obama’s.  I debated the one and two state solutions, with sage advice from Amos Horev, stating, Israel is a Democracy, the People will vote for their own self determination.  What rankles me, more than the debate on Israeli State evolution, is the continued role terrorism plays in the lives of the People.  When given the choice, when given the money, why not choose to live your life in Peace?  Why promote War, when we really do have a Planet to save?   We’re not living in a Comic Book world, we the People, are really fighting the “forces of evil” for survival.  Trust me, there must be plans at NASA and Defense to lift off select families into Space, when the need arises.  We are blessed with a Blue Green world, lush with plants, food and water.   Why can’t we cultivate our own Gardens and stop looking to destroy each other?  If not now, when?
  6. “We the People” are the Revolution.  If we unite and vote for one Candidate, we can make a difference.  If we unite and change our City Charters, we can make a difference.  The $64,000 question, is, will we? and will we unite now, viewing this 2nd Gilded age as abhorrent to our well being?  Will we unite in small cafes, in our churches , schools, job sites and union halls and say we’ve had enough?   After a short vacation,  I’d be happy to visit your towns and listen to you, together, we can decide, who’s going to make our World a better place and do we want a 3rd Party?  A party that represents the majority of “We the People”, the center left and right!  All inclusive, anyone can join.


See you later and we’ll chat.

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