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From the Jerusalem Report “What we’ve learned from the Holocaust”? According to this article : Not Much!

1. People are not basically good. We should be trained to build character and to do good.  Recognizing this fact, we should teach our kids to be empathetic and  empowered.  It’s important to build character, to be tolerant and  to understand others.  

  • For the greater good,  acceptance of each other, flaws and all , is a recognition that we see each other, allowing us to agree to disagree and not turn to violence,  as a resolution of our conflicts. 
  • Then we can concentrate on improving our Society, our State of Inequality, but we must do both, build character so that the collective changes for the greater good, in order to create a State of Equality,  with equal opportunity for the many.

2. People who think of themselves as victims do evil. If you feel marginalized or victimized, you will strike out at those who you have been told to hate. Trump is anti Democrat, anti Hispanic, Muslim , Jews . His list is as long as the divisions he enables among us.  When a leader is the enabler of hatred against groups , his followers commit violence in his name. That’s straight out of the Nazi playbook. The advice from The Jerusalem Report, keep countering the message. Be inclusive and let them see you!

3. The lack of moral teaching in our Universities has created a Society Of “foolish & bad people “. People with more education may be more anti Semitic than those less educated.

4. I defer with the article that fears the left , more than the right. Perhaps it’s far better to be where I am, in the Middle.  Believing in the greater good and ethical moral teachings and religious teachings.  The Jews gave all religions the 10 Commandments & Maimonides gave Charlemagne the Laws of Europe based on the 10 Commandments & Talmud.

5. Based on what I’ve read we can’t demonize any group. That leads to victimization and hatred.  In schools we must counter our “bad” traits by understanding and studying comparative religions and grounding kids in American history and our Constitution.

6. We the People need a counter narrative of inclusion and acceptance and knowledge of American History and our Laws. We are a Constitutional Democracy and exercising our Rights under the Constitution is not partisan, it is appropriate.


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