America Speaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Why #Impeachment? #Nancy Pelosi are you listening?

 It is the People’s responsibility to demand Impeachment based on the Sections of Obstruction of Justice.  Look on the bright side, more people may be swayed to change alliances, when confronted by the facts outlined in the Mueller Report.  Don’t be political.  Act now for “we the People”, we’d like to see equal justice under the Law and the preservation of our Democracy.

Otherwise, it’s 2 more years of an empowered President and his administration,  or potentially 6 more years and “we the People “may not survive.  If we do, we’ll continue to suffer from Income Inequality and climate catastrophes,  exacerbated by Late Stage Capitalism’s quest for short term gains.

  • Our very survival is at stake.
  • We can no longer complacently sit back and let “Nature” take its course.
  • Some farmers and Ranchers are going to lose 2 years of crops and calves before they begin to reclaim their land and or grazing fields. Reclamation & assessment won’t start for 9 months in Nebraska. How many more catastrophes do you need before you get over fatalism and say Enough?
  • Will Fracking near Yosemite, turn you into an activist?
  • Will Overturning the ACA,  turn you into an Activist?
  • Will the “China trade Wars” turn you into an Activist?
  • How much suffering do you have to endure before you say Enough?

Stagnant wages, no wages , no water and no food? Is that the only time you’ll react?  Do “we the People” and the rest of humanity  have to “face” extinction,  before you’ll act to start the Investigation , leading to Impeachment of a President,  who acts as if he’s above the Law and disseminates the worst policy decisions since Herbert Hoover and Grover Cleveland?  Is that when you’ll Act?

You already have a case for Obstruction of Justice, laid out by Mueller, case Law included, easy to follow!  Don’t be like General McClellan, too cautious to seize the opportunity to act boldly.  Do it now, preserve the Constitution and Congress’ right to be a respected co-equal branch of Government. 

Do it now for our children, Grandchildren and their children. Let’s leave this World better than we found it!

“The heart and pulse of “We the People””

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