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Dear Followers:

I wrote my Post yesterday about the reasons, I believe,  Impeachment is necessary to restore “checks and balances” to this Presidency and much more. Our Policies are antiquated, while “we the People” have real problems to be resolved.

  • Education in this country is lagging in the STEM subjects and it’s a necessity for more young women to embrace math, engineering and the sciences, to achieve Gender Equality.
  • Healthcare always ranks as a top priority for us and all people.  Free of pain, we can think about our selves, family and community.  Life can be lived in Technicolor!.  I’ll explain, when we chat.
  • Infrastructure projects, requiring MetaData are a necessity, if we’re to feed ourselves and maintain our status as the breadbasket to the World.

“We the People”, need to be informed, to move forward with our lives, to prosper and to continue learning.  See you later and we’ll chat.


“The heart and pulse of “we the People”

I saw these Awesome works by Contemporary Artists @#TheFordFoundation, yesterday! We’ll talk!

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