AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce A worthy decision to close schools as students enter spring break has created unnecessary trauma. Rightfully so, the kids have many questions and the administration dropped what felt like a bomb on them. Think, the kids are still studying for midterms, the earliest many can leave in Saturday evening for a few days for a change of scenery. Than foreign students, kids who can’t afford to leave, those on research projects or with other responsibilities must return to the campus. Hopefully, after the trauma, they’ll adjust to a decreased less dense population and be able to continue their studies and other programs of necessity. Since I have a grandson in the Suny system, I listened to his concerns and since I’m able, I will lessen his stress by sending him “happiness packages “ of food, enabling him to better set his own hours of going out. The administration should recognize they have added stress to students lives without answering all their questions and without giving them support. That is no way to treat People.

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