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Dear followers:

On Friday I recorded Episode #20 QE for the Middle & Lower Classes, independent of work status, for people 18 yrs old up and up! Plus a Discussion of our Stock Market and Self Quarantine during these perilous times.

Whatever happens economically, rest assured, with a Government by the People for the People, we’ll stimulate our Economy. We’ll be obliged to spend money on Healthcare, R & D, pollution and pollutants. From all I’ve read, this Pandemic is not a “one” off. We must be prepared, as a Nation and as part of a Global Community, to resolve the economic and moral, ethical issues that confront us.

Due to Quarantines, many will suffer. Be safe and be well. Help yourselves and help your community by self Quarantine and if you do go out, remember, safe distancing, is in excess of 10 feet. New rules from the Medical profession.

The market is down again today, reflecting what I’ll call the “Fear Index”. Don’t sell. If you consider this a buying opportunity, do so, being aware that making purchases over time, when you have a long horizon is best.

I’ll write again and update you on the virus, “We the People’s needs and how to vote for the government that respects the needs of 330 million of us! It’s a big job and should only go the Government with a “HEART”.

The heart and pulse of “We the People”.

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