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Now we know the cracks in our Society. If Trump and TrumpsGOP were concerned about our lives and our Economy, why didn’t they listen to the experts last year? In November the Intelligence Agencies were convinced a Pandemic was pending. Israel and NATO were informed. One Country took action, Germany.

Germany is ahead of the Covid 19 curve. They’re stocked with Protective Equipment and testing. They posted their protocols on the WEB for everyone to follow. They’ll be opening shops.

Where are we? Let’s stop politicizing Covid 19 and initiate the War Powers Act, letting everyone re purpose machinery and equipment to insure that our First line responders are adequately protected. Then let’s start the testing process, while we maintain social distancing.

  • With adequate planning, we can slowly resume work in new spaces configured for Social Distancing , Masks, Gloves and sanitizing. Don’t forget the unemployed, the disadvantaged and the elderly. We’ll all need testing and better laws and income to Survive & Thrive. Opportunity KNOCKS!

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