FT General Counsel Webinar North America (2434907)

FT General Counsel Webinar North America (2434907)
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AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Join the webinar on Organizational preparedness. Planning for disaster. Corporations say they would have ramped up crisis mode earlier. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Weekly meeting. 30,000 on each Cisco call.

Learning how to manage informal meetings. Do it better. They are Keeping employees safe and satisfying customers. Some of the major corporations in telecommunications are concerned about cyber security. They’re going to break out rooms.

Dominion Energy sees productivity increase in management. Quality of engagement is higher.

Is the office dead? Certain classes of work need to see people daily. The office is the place for team building and collaboration. Conclusion: office won’t go away. The office will be used primarily for collaboration. Especially, legal briefs can be explored at home. They feel connected as humans. By blurring the lines between work and home, we have to separate work from home. People need space for self development so they don’t burn out.

Legal firms finding they can tap more legal markets. Adapting to technology and working with people in far away places. They’re encouraging breaks. Stopping at specific times to tend to family.

Connectivity tools. Using more resources. Legal model is an apprenticeship to use learning and AI to augment ability to acquire knowledge.

Cisco must evolve to accommodate these times. Even litigation is going digital. No more flying for one hour meeting with a judge .

Social inequality: Where are we? People are focused and concerned about George Floyd murder. They want to do better. The feeling is that the older generation has failed the younger generation. There is a dialogue about African American lives and the Business Roundtable wants to participate in Social Justice. They are behind legislation for racial justice and equality. The Corporations will change the atmosphere of their culture. Cisco says they have. Query all these Corporations, if you feel they are or are not listening to BlackLivesMatter.

My raw notes as I listened to this Webinar.

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce

God Bless. The heart and pulse of “We the People “.

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