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Dear followers, let me introduce you to the issues in America we can control, if we’re informed, advocate, act! Acting isn’t easy, it takes a collaborative Network to increase your voice and accomplishments for the greater good!

 Democracy is fragile in America. It’s difficult to vote in many States, even the “liberal “ ones. That’s why I verified that The Voter Participation Center was a legitimate organization dedicated to making non voters into voters. They mail the registration forms. They target unmarried women, minorities and the young. If you donate to them before the 30 th mention my name and they’ll match your funds 

The 2nd issue I discuss is Covid 19 testing. We’re not doing enough to crush the virus .  We need testing and tracing. We can’t wait for a vaccine to resume our lives or go back to school. Everyone has to advocate for their State to support the Simple, cheap, daily, in your home Saliva Test with results in 15 min. The frequency of the test means we stop Outbreaks before they occur and the well people can go to school & work. 

3rd on my Agenda was affordable child care. Scandinavian countries think its important too! One third of our workforce is unmarried women. Give them affordable day care and let them resume our their lives. 
A lot to think about and every problem solved helps us live in a Democracy we created. 

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