TheVoiceOfJoyce YouTube, EPI #47American Betrayal

Dear Followers, Episode #47, is confirmation of what to expect from our current President and his Administration. Read, think and ACT.

  • For years, I’ve been thinking of forming a viable Political Party. Since no Republican Party exits, except the unchecked Kleptocrats in office, it’s time to start a kinder, gentler GOP, representitive of Teddy Roosevelt, Lincoln and HW Bush.
  • Read my notes on Episode $47, American Betrayal, and provide me with your feedback on my Proposal. America Speaks, TheVoiceOfJoyce is ready to become a viable political Party.
  • My name will appear, if you write me in for President. This is valid in many States. Since I haven’t taken any money, no need to register this Party. Vote for me and let’s see what happens.
  • Let’s continue our Democracy and become the Compassionate, pro active voice of “we the People”.

I recorded Episode #47 on 9/11 and it makes me sad to remember the past and our present. I ask myself  , why do People follow Trump? He’s knowingly lied to us about the virulence of Covid 19, while keeping himself and Pence safe by daily testing. As he protects himself from the mal effects of SAR COV2, he’s unbothered that American deaths have  exceeded the deaths of 9/11 by 6 x’s. 

Would you believe me , if said it was snowing in NYC today? I didn’t think you’d believe me.  Why do you believe Trump and disregard the protocols of Dr Fauci?  

  • Going without a Mask and not social distancing, because Trump ignores  this virus , is not healthy for you.

Why follow a President who does not have your best interest in his heart? 

  • If he thought American lives were important, he wouldn’t create policies that kill us!  Where’s his compassion for our loss of life & loss of income?
  • Denying Global Warming & pollution  doesn’t help Americans who are dying out West.  Intense fire is destroying their property and lives.  Why?
  • Several reasons: Trump and his administration have allowed it to become inexpensive to drill for Fossil Fuels & Gas on Public Lands. Additionally, Trumps’ Administration has cut off funding for vital conservation efforts in the Western States.
  • Whether Trump denies weather extremes, they’re with us unless we segue into new energy Infrastructure, creating new jobs for many!

Magical thinking doesn’t work!  “We the People” can’t resume our lives & the Economy, until a caring President & Administration, reduce Covid Outbreaks & plan for our present and future. 

  • There are solutions to our State of Misery.  I list them. However , they’re not available to us as long as Trump and TrumpsGOP acknowledge our reality.

 When will “We the People “ hold Trump accountable? He can deny his responsibilities toward us, that’s not reality. He has lied to us and by doing so, 190,000 more lives have been lost!  When do we say enough?

The facts from the heart and pulse of “We the People”. 

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