TheVoiceOfJoyce YouTube #47 Trumpian Rage

Based on Bob Woodward’s Book, “Rage”.

A historical view of Trump. Including Trump’s statements about his ability to cause and project rage!  It gives Trump, the response he wants and more often,  those debating him , lose sight of the issues that are important to them and concentrate on Trump’s inflammatory remarks instead. Rage works well for Trump! 

Governing under crisis is not Trumps metier.

  • He fails to understand the consequences of his actions.
  • If he thinks he’s doing a good job, he is.
  • There are no checks and balances on his decisions.
  • There is no legitimate Republican Party. They are TRUMPSGOP. 
  • Today’s GOP do not represent the majority of Americans who had identified with the Party.

Trumps policy decisions: 

  • We can’t forget his bad decisions on Covid 19 preparedness, when he knew we would have a minimum of 100-200,000 deaths.
  • His failure to mobilize a Manhattan Project response has cost us lives and economic collapse. 

“We the People” can thrive and survive , if we VoteTrump and TrumpsGOP out of office.

  • Then we could tackle Climate crisis, Covid 19, the Simple Cheap Frequent Rapid Saliva Tests, WIFI connectedness, Economic Stimulus for all people and so much more….
  • United, “we the People, can accomplish a lot. We’ve done it before.

The heart and pulse of “We the People”

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