TheVoiceOfJoyce: YouTube/ Episode 58 Christmas Spirit

YouTube EPI 58 The Christmas Spirit
My wish list for America, now, during the holiday season:

  • Vote overwhelmingly for Ossoff & Rev Warnock because we must flip the Senate. WHY?
  • Mitch McConnell is the Scrooge of the Senate and too stingy in his Stimulus Package.
  • McConnell had no problem giving Tax Cuts to Corporations. They are estimated to have cost Americans $1.9 Trillion. Even though, there is no trickle down effect, McConnell has a problem when “we the People “, need a monetary boost.
  • While unemployment continues to increase, Americans need a helping hand. A Major Stimulus Package is needed to help the Lower and Middle Classes, not only unemployment insurance. Many people have collected nothing. They need cash to live.
  • If I had Congressional Clout, I’d offer the other Stimulus Packages, plus a Basic Living Wage.
  • Additionally, while helping Corporate Entities and the Upper Classes, keeps money out of circulation. When you offer the Lower and Middle Classes a monetary safety Net, everyone benefits and the Economy Expands.

A growing economic base, is my reason for wanting to FLIP THE Senate DEMOCRATIC!

My 2nd wish? While waiting for the Vaccines, approve a Simple Cheap RapidTest at Home.

  • Still hoping more would wear masks and advocating for the Approval of the RapidTests.
  • These tests can stop the Outbreaks.
  • Imagine , if AMC tested everyone on line, waiting to see the Warner Bros movies.
  • If we tested negative, we could go back to theaters

These are my fervent Wishes before Chanukah & Registration ends in Georgia for the Runoff.

The heart and pulse of “We the People”.

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