TheVoiceOfJoyce On 1/15/21 I got my first Moderna shot, my life changed for the better ! A new lease on “life”.

Today I got my Moderna shot and it changed my outlook on life.

  • More hopeful. Still vigilant.
  • While a small step forward for this woman , it is a giant step for mankind. Covid is on its way out.
  • Life will resume. We’ll have a new Administration willing to work on the People’s behalf. Willing to provide equal opportunity & equal justice.
  • The events of last week , when the Far Right stormed the Capital are still Front & center. The FBI and Biden’s incoming Administration are working on holding the Terrorists and their enablers accountable. In fact, the entire EU is looking at the Far Right as well and rejecting them.
  • We’ve had our brush with Autocracy and as a People, we’re condemning that event and ideology. We’re looking ahead to good governance, by the People, for the People!

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