TheVoiceOfJoyce YouTube (Tuesday) #67 Reconciliation?


The week in Review with a special request , to pass Relief & Stimulus quickly to lessen anxiety, evictions, food insecurity, student debt and so much more, the Senate chose Reconciliation rather than passing Legislation, that would include Paid Family Leave, Child care credits, not cash , and deleted the increase in the minimum wage.

  • This is one bill. More & ongoing Legislation is required to get us through 2021. As long as Covid rages, people can’t work. We need to speed up Vaccinations and testing.
  • No one is talking about Dr Michael Mina’s RapidTests, the kind that detect asymptomatic infections? They’re 50% of the Covid population. Why aren’t they mentioned? The FDA doesn’t have a regulation for a Public Health test and therefore, no matter how beneficial Dr Mina’s tests are, they can’t be approved. We’re unable to open all schools, businesses, theaters, for lack of a simple cheap at home test, or where ever a test is needed, for lack of a Regulation?

Infrastructure, Think Big!

  • More subways, transportation, affordable housing in Commercial spaces & upgrading NYCHA residences (Public Housing)
  • Government needs fundamental changes to old Labor Laws & Ron Wydon of Oregon, is willing.
  • Our data is outdated with minimal computerization and connectivity to Healthcare systems.
  • Defense & State have antiquated IT connectivity, which has been proven.
  • The States need upgraded systems & connectivity for the poor and middle classes. Computers & iPhones are not a luxury, when schooling , healthcare & basic living needs, depend on WIFI connectivity.
  • The list of must do’s, increases, yet TrumpsGOP & Joe Manchin of WVa, lack the will to Legislate for the People, preferring the Oligarchy. “We the People” won’t forget the Far Right, the complicity of TrumpsGOP and the storming of the Capitol. (I have no problem devoting funds to upgrading all rural areas, beautiful and devastated by the coal mining Corporations. When modernizing these areas, I expect Coal Mining CEO’s to contribute from their personal fortunes, reinvigorating the regions they plundered.)

Meanwhile, we the People, are waiting for the passage of the Relief & Stimulus Package in a timely manner. Time is of the essence President Biden.

Reconciliation, indeed!

The heart and pulse of “We the People”.

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