TheVoiceOfJoyce YouTube #68 :A few Good Men & women” Please tune in Tuesday & comment.

Dear followers, as I recorded this program on Friday, several momentous events were occurring.

My 2nd Moderna Vaccine

  • It’s been 3 days since my 2nd shot and I have to admit, the inconveniences, physically , were mild: a slight headache, took a few Naps, appetite great, a small stomach ache and today, I’m back to my daily schedule.
  • I absolutely wish the entire population, would not only embrace being Vaccinated, they’d shelve their fears and be Vaccinated so we can Stop the Outbreaks, Stop the mutations and resume living without too many constraints, too much longer!
  • I have only gratitude and respect for the Miracles of Science that allowed us to receive Vaccinations in one year. If it’s up to other prescient scientists like Dr. Michael Mina, we’d be installing Global R & D Bio Platforms for early detection of this virus and all other microbes.
  • Though the country is purchasing Ellume testing kits, as you know, that’s not my choice. I’m advocating Dr Mina’s Rapid Saliva Tests, @$1/day for in your home, office, schools , theaters, where ever we need to enter Society.

The other News: Trumps 2nd Impeachment

  • There were 7 “good men & women” who joined the Democrats to convict Donald Trump of “High Crimes and Misdemeanors”. However, their fellow Republicans, stood firm with their Party, perpetuated the lie that Trump had won this election and acquitted him.
  • It’s time for a 3rd Political Party. Currently, we have The Republican Party & it’s TrumpsGOP & the Democratic Party. A party, representing the majority of Centrist Americans, would add to our Democratic Institutions and overcome Political Gridlock and identity politics.

A need for Fundamental Change in our Laws

  • To prevent another incitement to Storm the Capitol, destroy our Democracy, perpetuate lies, we need to build guard rails around our Democracy, making it impossible for seditious individuals to hold Public Office permanently.
  • We need to reinstate FCC Regulation, that prohibits conspiracies and lies to promulgate in our Media; including Social Media and the internet.
  • We need a Fundamental Change in our Labor Laws & GDP statistics, to provide living wages to Americans and to provide benefits when they are laid off, whether they’re contract workers or employees. Every person deserves to survive and thrive.
  • To continue, free and fair elections, we need National Election Reform. Opting out of voting, rather than opting in, which provides for Universal Voting by Mail. When we can vote, “we the People”, vote overwhelmingly for a President of our choice. We voted for Joe Biden in an informed Democracy.

To Strengthen Democracy, “we the People” need Relief & Stimulus , NOW!

  • The sooner relief gets to Americans, the sooner economic suffering stops. This must be ongoing till either the Pandemic end or everyone is Vaccinated.
  • Then , implement Infrastructure programs, that are broad based, and include critical Infrastructure, IT, skilled and retrained employees, apprenticeships and more, to Build Back Better. We need WIFI connectivity, Standards of Healthcare, Education Facility upgrades, Affordable Housing, major transportation overhauls and clean energy investment. The list is long

Thank you for reading. The Heart and pulse of “We the People”!

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