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EPI 72 Be Humane & Save

It’s cheaper to be humane, to be for racial and social justice. If we were our brothers keeper, we would have saved 300 ,000 lives from Covid and saved our Economy.

Now we must pass massive relief and Stimulus Package s, just to purchase necessities. That’s triage. We’re putting a band aid on a wound while we go after Covid outbreaks. Vaccines are planned for the entire population by May. That’s awesome.

The Federal Government Agenda includes two voting rights bills mandating no excuse paper ballots and overturn voter suppression.

Voting is everyone’s right, along with a decent Living wage. $10/hr Federal wage and $15/ to be phased in. NY State is at $15.00/hr in NYC & 12.50/hr elsewhere in the State.

To build back better we need a Massive Infrastructure Bill. 10 million need jobs. Weather extremes, Covid and pollution , can create work on projects producing clean air, water, better education, transportation, IT, WIFI, connectivity & critical infrastructure.

On the State level, NY State is not progressive . We still have a costly recidivism problem. Of a prison population of 44-52,000, 7500 are returned to jail for minor infractions. It is racially unjust and costs taxpayers a minimum of $690 Billion.

It’s cost effective to be decent.

The heart and pulse of”We the People”!

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