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Minority Rights: Why should the Minority Legislate our Lives?

  • The minority don’t represent “We the People “.
  • The minority doesn’t care how many are killed by guns. In a year , 45,000 die from Gun Violence. Half those dying, commit suicide. This week, Atlanta & Colorado, witnessed mass murders at the hands of a “lone” gunman, capable of using an assault weapon with a “large” magazine. Two tragedies in one week. We need sensible laws , preventing everyone who wants a gun, from owning one . We need counseling, background checks and a ban on assault weapons for a start. Then we can add more laws to prevent community gun violence & suicide. Why should the NRA’s voice be louder, than the majority’s?
  • Democracy is still endangered by the Legislative minority. 43 States are writing 250 Laws to curtail our Voting rights and citizens are not happy. Activists in Georgia are going to Boycott Coca Cola in hopes they’ll pressure the GOP to rescind their draconian Laws. Once again the majority is held hostage by the minority.
  • On a hopeful note, the Vaccines are here and working to free many of us medically & socially. Yet, once again, the Far Right, a minority, along with print media, social media is spreading false information about the efficacy of the Vaccines. Why should the majority be held hostage by the minority?

Infrastructure supported by the Majority! A win win for most of US!

The Majority supports, the Legislative passage of a massive Infrastructure Bill. It’s needed in every state and on a Global level.

  • A lot is happening in our World. Let’s not lose our ability to celebrate our Holidays with our families. Thank you for listening and have a blessed week

The heart and pulse of “we The People”.

Never Miss an Opportunity to Celebrate!

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