AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Putin to be tried with War crimes for using Cluster Bombs on targeted civilians. If the West is serious about Democracy, stop the 400mm sale of Russian Oil and shut down Russia’s remaining pipeline going directly to Europe. The next step is to stop doing Corporate Business in Russia. Shut down all Western Operations. We’re fighting for Democracy and the eventual collaboration of all countries to resolve global issues. We can’t let Putin’s anti democratic movement destroy our World. His own people, Russians, are leaving Russia. Putin’s Regime of disinformation &destruction of all Democratic institutions and his disdain for the Rule of Law must end. Putin’s match on Ukrainians must end quickly. The Global commodity markets are soaring , since the Ukrainian & Russia provide 1/3 of the World’s Wheat. Time for Western leaders to act swiftly to avert another humanitarian disaster!

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