TheVoiceOfJoyce Glyphosate found in 80% of American Urine Samples. This chemical is the main ingredient of Roundup, now owned by Monsanto & Bayer. The Manufacturer claims it’s harmless, the scientists say it’s Carcinogenic. Bayer settled for $11 Billion in 2018. Are you part of this Lawsuit? Can you claim you have Non Hodgkin Lymphoma? Are more people at risk? Another claim? Banning the product? The Facts: The insecticide was made for GMO crops and leaves 25% of fields barren, unable to support the planting of new crops. Certainly, there’s cause for medical concern & evaluation. Another, Class Action Lawsuit against the manufacturer? We don’t know the long term harm of these products, it’s part of our food supply. We’re entitled to clean air, clean water and food. Additionally, a chemical destroying soil nutrients maybe proven capable of entering and altering growing cells. Roundup is a major health concern and should be investigated by the FDA!

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