TheVoiceOfJoyce Don’t listen to the noise or the hype coming out of Florida or other GOP controlled States that are making voting difficult. The “20” people arrested, could have been prescreened according to Florida Registration procedures, instead 20? Individuals may or may not have violated voting rights for individuals with Felonies. This was entrapment. If Florida had followed their own procedures, there would be no illegal voting. Don’t be scared to vote. Register, make sure you have the necessary ID and vote. It is our Right. Americans fought hard for our Vote. Women didn’t get the vote till, 8/18/1920. Remember there is a very low to non existent instance of voter Fraud. This year, vote and vote with friends and get rid of repressive State Governments. Get rid of legislators who would not lower the cost of insulin. Get rid of Legislators who would not vote for the Inflation Reduction Act, giving Medicare the right to negotiate drug pricing and tax credits for the purchase of EV’s and heat pumps for air conditioning. Get rid of Legislators who would not expand Medicaid, helping families in need. Vote to increase your rights ! We are entitled to the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness!

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