The Voice of Joyce: I have a dream

Dear followers:


I should be developing our platform  for “our” Independent Political Party ” America Speaks” and I will.  In the meantime, I couldn’t resist writing about my dreams and my pitch to Kickstarter.  Here goes:

I have a dream but it can never come true unless I have  funding ,  staff , and at least 1.5-2 million followers.   I want to break gridlock in Politics. I really want to elect the best President ,  not the worst. I really want to interview all existing politicians in NY State  ( a working model for investigation to be used in other States, other countries?  NY State contributes 27 individuals to the House of Representatives)  ) and determine if they work for “we the people”. If they don’t,  I need a staff to find out who does represent the people at all levels of government and support them.  If there are existing organizations, I would want to combine our efforts and publish one periodical for “the People’s” pleasure and education.  (I know from Twitter, many organizations are forming globally to Stop Corporate Power and return power to “we the people”.)

I want to jump start our economy. I want to pass my tax on risk. It’s  one way I know to add enough stimulus ($660 Billion)  back into the system to create a lot of jobs ; good paying jobs. I want to be able to form structurally accountable systems to handle this money. I want oversight, no grants, and accountability for placing real people in real jobs to work on infrastructure projects at all levels: subways, marshes, electric grid , Internet availability, weather satellites, affordable education,  R & D, alternative energy, poverty, incarceration & equal justice, # Black lives do matter!

  • More of “my ” wish list!
  • elect “new” accountable people to Congress, independent of Lobbyists and outside influence.
  • Resurrect the voice and values of the Middle Class along with our Democracy.
  • Restore government by the people for the people.  Cut out the Lobbyists and special interest groups.
  • provide a subscription  newspaper or magazine to report on program progress (we should be able to pass laws that aid The Middle Class)   highlight achievements and name names of project coordinators. I want a mix of people and talent:   independent of Party affiliation, whoever can get the job done.
  • a talk show to ask the people how we’re doing and how can we do better.
  • We could of course provide entertainment and cultural recommendations along with the investigative reporting necessary to curb the excesses of the oligarchies!


Then I can feel that we’ve accomplished something. Then we will have started to change our culture to begin the long process of tax and financial reform. I have a dream that this can be done in my lifetime,  if we work together now for change. We no longer have time for disinformation;  entertainment and games at the people’s expense. The “hunger games” and  “game of thrones” are the people’s reality. I for one, am not happy being a pawn.
Why  should my dreams count, I’ve proven through “Social Media”, that my dreams represent the dreams of many!  My dear followers, are real people, we’re discussing “meet-ups”!    My on line community consists  of 222,000 + and 10,000 followers.

The Middle Class is Drowning

However, there’s one ” small” problem.  Though many of you have stated you want an Independent Third Party, at least 1.5-2 million Americans must want the same dream.  I can’t do this alone.  Who will join me in this very serious effort?  The Ultra left is represented, the ultra right is represented.  Who speaks for the Middle?  The decent folks I encounter daily?   Now is the time to stand up and be counted.  Otherwise, we can pray that one of the Political Parties decides they’d like to court The Middle Class, US!   That’s the power of “Magical Thinking”, hoping someone else will rescue us.  It’s not going to happen unless and until everyone who has ever listened to my platform, my ideas, says “Yes, we will support and resurrect The Middle Class” .  If you want a new Independent Party, with “boots on the ground”  then commit your time and money to a “war” chest, and website talent, etc. ”   This is a big project.  I’m serious, are you?


  • Now is the time to show me “the money”.
  • Now is the time to register 1.5-2 million names and become serious about establishing an Independent Party.

I can not live on Rhetoric.  The Middle Class can’t wait another year for projects to trickle down.  That’s Magical Thinking, too!    With the passage of the Transportation Bill, major States in the Northeast can’t decide  what they’re doing with the Money.  The reality, tolls have increased once again in New York and New Jersey.


Why listen to me?  Who am I?   I am of the people. I have an educational background in the sciences, I’ve been employed by 3 major multi national corporations, I ran my own Subcontracting company and am now having success in the  online Social Media  Political arena!    I have the perseverance to get the job done. All my life I’ve created systems within systems. Implementing new ideas independent of the existing culture , changing the culture and watching the culture change. It can be done and it can be done in a short time frame with your help!

If you want a bloodless revolution this is the way to go. I make this pitch now because time is of the essence. We cannot afford to wait many more years. We need to give  “we the people” hope for a new day. ” We the people”  are ready for the kindness of others. We’ve suffered too long under our yoke.  Many more may not survive if the status quo persists.


  • Thank you, if you’re serious give generously of your time and money.
  •   We are fighting for our Democracy.  We are circumventing crony capitalism and lobbyists.
  • $5 Million is a start. To campaign and get new people into congress we may need $100 million. That’s  less then the Billions being spent now. We can cut out the graft and lobbyists and get back to government” by the people for the people”. Give now and give generously please.

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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