Joyce: ” AMERICA  Speaks” Restoring our Dream

Restoring the American Dream, Rebuilding the Economy and creating jobs :
By favoring the rights of the Corporation over the rights of the People, the people have no way to become prosperous. Our land of prosperity has meant an unequal devotion to values and faith. The Middle Class has tried to maintain their values, while a society has evolved around us lacking self discipline . The moneyed few have not  looked  and  do not see the people’s plight. Rather they question, “why aren’t middle class kids choosing State Schools,  over Harvard.”   As if that were the problem or the answer.   No school presents an unfettered useful education to the poor and middle class . The University provides no connections afterward , no networking, no special connections to obtain good paying jobs. Upward mobility is a dream, not a reality or expectation of the Middle Class. It’s like dangling a carrot in front of a horse: a good paying job is forever out of their reach.
America is #1 because we have Military might, Americans can rest easy knowing they are safe, we have the weapons but not the trained manpower.    Today’s kids are not going into the Military.   If we had a National emergency, we would need a universal draft with no deferments. Which brings me to another wish list on my platform; “Universal service to our Country for two years for everyone graduating high school”.


While we rebuild our Country, why not build an inclusive society, one where everyone participates and everyone benefits. Then we could review our  Military budget, cut out the waste and determine what we need to combat terror in the 21 st Century.  My gut tells me less then you think!  If we got rid of the waste built into our system by crony capitalism and no bid grants, we could create and  develop products and strategies for the 21st Century cheaper and better!


As the World becomes transparent and more nations prosper and offer human rights, we will all benefit. The barbarous regimes may take another 3 generations to eradicate, but man will not cease to be aggressive. Only through careful use of force and a muscular diplomacy will AMERICA remain #1.   Might will be replaced , when possible,  with smarts. Always vigilant AMERICA will need to put boots on the ground occasionally but our aim should be knowledge of all cultures and working with all cultures to achieve an understanding of each other’s needs.  That’s how we will achieve National Security. We will never lose sight of the Players and we will wean ourselves from delusional alliances. Denial to be replaced by knowledge. That’s how AMERICA will succeed. Stop failed states, that become killing grounds, before the State fails.  Muscular Diplomacy!
Low Corporate taxation has destroyed the American Dream. AMERICA prospered when the wealthy were taxed at 80-90%. and the wealthy cared about the health and welfare of their people.  I’m not speaking about the lower upper classes, I refer to the Oligarchs, those few with assets in the $100,000,000 range and more.     Our state of inequality has stifled innovation,  hobbled entrepreneurs and encouraged, I can barely spit out the words , “the gig economy”.  Whose definition implies the dehumanization of workers, as people disappear and become widgets.


The Middle Class has become a tool of the Corporation, to be used sparingly.  What are we creating now, nothing!   Look around you, stores are going out of business, the Mom and pop’s are disappearing, the people are  over burdened with debt that can’t be discharged. There are  jobs  only for the lucky few. The people can’t work enough hours to prosper. This state of inequality is murder on the family. I urge you to think of the destruction of the family unit, as people go from homes to homeless.
Time is of the essence; much work needs to be done. Since many of you will remain in power it is imperative that you acknowledge your role and help rebuild our institutions. There is no such thing as an unregulated State or marketplace. Self discipline takes one only so far. The structure must be in place for people to succeed. That means revenue and the judicious spending of everyone’s taxes. If you are an American, then giving back to the country that gave  you wealth should be your desire. No one should be happier to give back then the man or woman who made it ” big” in our Society.


We all had a helping hand. The wealthy got wealthy on the backs of the poor: those folks who are poorly educated, improperly incarcerated, destroyed and left out of the work force.  Crony capitalism , Corporate Welfare, and subsidies for fossil fuels and gentleman farmers , have created our State of Inequality. The waste and money redirected , would be better spent on  new innovations . Now is the time to give back .
We want a market place that is based on true corporate values, transparency and less risk. The market is less free then ever before. It is a rigged market without regulation or controls. The next time it crashes, and it will crash, the people will not bail out the financial system. Wouldn’t it be better to acknowledge the rigged system and demand, the return of Glass Steagall,  greater capital requirements now and taxation of derivatives and millisecond trades now, delivering Billions to the benefit of the AMERICAN people. We can’t wait 4 more years for change. We are losing a decade to no growth. Where are the decent folks to join us on our quest for the Resurrection of the Middle Class?
We want an economy to live with and values to die for. We had that with the beginning of our great nation. We have lost our way but we can rebuild. The desire and the hope have never died with the people. The flame of Liberty can always be rekindled. That’s what we’re doing now.
We need a private public partnership to invest in the Nation’s infrastructure : roads , bridges, trains, water systems, alternative energy, the electric and electronic grid. Available internships, paid for by industry , to man the factories of the future. We should be  encouraging entrepreneurship, by providing revenue and guidance to entrepreneurs, so they have the peace of mind  to live while they create. Streamline the regulatory process to allow ease of creating new businesses. Stop useless licensing which puts barriers between businesses  and  their revenue stream.
The tax code doesn’t impede small business growth, it’s the lack of revenue and lack of  revolving lines of credit. If the government hadn’t funded Elon Musk, his enterprises would not exist. We need to take a chance on new ideas.  The Government, like KickStarter, could collect a minimal fee if the enterprise survives.


I keep hearing Large Corporations need certainty in the tax code to conduct their business properly.  Really?  I don’t know any business leaders who relied on certainty in the marketplace.  Entrepreneurs live on  on risk.  The nature of business is one of constant vigilance and constant discontent. Ever vigilant , never letting down your guard , as you move to conquer the unknown. If you want certainty , stay out of business. Let the rest of us live and thrive while we use the funds you are holding onto. Death and taxes are certain and taxes can be negotiated while jobs are being created. I’m not sure what the magic number is but it’s determinable.
Corporate taxation is lower in AMERICA then anywhere else in the Western World. It’s a fact we rank 30 th at 28%. Let’s start thinking what’s practicable:   what taxes are we actually collecting  and adjust the rate accordingly. Eliminate the Corporate Loopholes and the need for 900+ lawyers on many corporate staffs. Enough is enough!   Corporate CEO’s  have gotten paid the big bucks, yet,  you have ceased to  benefit  the American people. If multinationals wish to leave AMERICA , I would not accommodate them. In fact, it should trigger an automatic tax increase of 90% of assets for the 100 top earners in the Corporation retroactive 5 years.  This was said in anger, but you get my intent. Prevent Tax Inversions.


Punitive , yes I would be punitive when  people  suffer when these deals are made. TR broke up monopolies in 1901. In 2015, it’s time to call a halt to mega mergers which limit our choices and further erode the Middle Class.
Home ownership is best fostered by a growing economy. With low interest rates, prudent regulation, education and assistance to responsible borrowers. It was the perversion of FANNIE and Freddie that destroyed the housing market. It was fine until private investment turned  housing and mortgages into a fraudulent industry. Purchasing a home was our right when you worked hard and could afford it. It was the end of a long journey of achievement.    No one ever defaulted on FHA mortgages.   Responsible borrowers never defaulted.   I take exception with those questioning the integrity of the ” poor” borrower.   Wall Street made a fortune on “we the People”. In their greed, they kept that fortune while the people lost everything and became destitute.
My thoughts on immigration:  Train American Citizens!   We should know who is  working or residing in our country,  legal or otherwise.  Illegal immigrants should be put on notice for return to their country of origin,  if we cannot integrate them into  our society. Will we be punitive?  No. We need compassion,  since we allowed them into the country in the first place.   Many should be put on a path to Citizenship.  The object is no more shadow people or a shadow economy. Let’s determine who resides in America, then develop our policy. These are gut reactions, not a studied policy decision.  Immigration is  less important  to me then job creation which would eliminate  many of the concerns of our citizens.  Now, everyone is considered a threat  as  our citizens  compete for scarce  jobs.


Let’s do the right thing for “we the People”.  Taxation without representation is why our Republic was founded.  The Middle Class is being taxed and their needs have no representation in Washington.  We need to stop Corporate Welfare, reinstate Financial stability to the marketplace and Banks and encourage the growth of new industries and products.  The status quo can no longer persist.  I want nothing less then the Resurrection of the Middle Class and I’m willing to develop the programs and the accountability required, to secure The Middle Class’ position in our Society.


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