The Voice of Joyce: Understand the Past , then Look Forward


Dear followers:

Many feel saddened and angry , stating, ” why didn’t I know what was  in happening  in our government”?   Fret not. The brightest people I know sounded the alarm 7 yrs earlier,  around Y2K.  Others , like me, felt betrayed by those I trusted in Government and Big Business, when the Fiscal Crisis occurred in 2008. My own company experienced the Recession in the Summer of 2007. Though we the people share some of the blame, rest assured,  that you were duped , conned , and skillfully manipulated by experts to prevent us from questioning those in power who had gained our trust.

Our basic beliefs were used against us to benefit a few. Look at some of the recent studies on smoking. The tobacco industry knew for 40 yrs it was addictive and caused cancer , yet they suppressed the information for generations to create profits for their companies. When a Billion Dollars is at stake, not even your own kids matter,  as executives made cigarette smoking  both sexy and desirable, unconcerned about the health and well being of  “we the People”.

Don’t fret. What happened is past, before us is understanding and Activism. It is our time to act, it’s not as difficult as you may imagine.   Through write in campaigns, petitions and ballots,  we the people can take back our Democracy!   It won’t be easy,  it is doable , if we unite with a common purpose.


Equal justice under the Law and the reclamation of our democracy, is our Prize!   Our reason, High Crimes ,  Misdemeanors,  and  Bribery,  have been legalized.   We have customized legislation for the few, while the many starve.  Our system is rotten and requires the passionate support of “we the people, for the benefit of , we the People”.  I’m asking a lot, but noting less then the mobilization of a 100,000,000  educated voters will reverse 40 years of corruption .


Politics effects Us!

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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