Joyce’s Community: What do we want? Increased Wages & Revenue, NRA regs, DACA safety, while Congress sets it’s own Agenda & ignores the Russian Connection



It is time to make the Russian Investigation Hearings in the Senate & House public, lest a bombshell fall upon an unsuspecting and unconvinced public.  During the Watergate Investigation Hearings, they were televised and witnesses were brought before the Committee by subpoena and obliged to answer questions or be held in contempt.

As Congress proceeds with the investigation, I have no doubt some of the public will be shocked or in denial about the charges, while the rest of us will be glued to the TV,  just as we were during the Nixon proceedings in 1973.  In my humble opinion, it would be far better to prepare the public slowly for any charges levied against Trump and or members of the RNC, the NRA, Trump family members, and other members of the Trump Administration.

Mr. Mueller has indicted the Russians; however, it may be impossible to locate them.  Many have either disappeared or have had an untimely death.  Others, like Deripaska, are linked to Paul Manafort, according to an NPR expose, the NRA, starting in 2012.

Preserving the rule of Law and our Democracy are the reasons behind these Congressional Investigations. The way forward is to televise them for all to see. Don’t allow any one to believe that the Dept of Justice, the FBI, or the Special Prosecutor are actors for a “deep State”.  Rather they are the People’s Defenders of the rule of Law and the Constitution. They maintain and preserve our rights!

More in the news:

Mitch McConnell is tabling a discussion on Gun Legislation in favor of Bank deregulation.  It would be a mark of respect to pass legislation that concerns the citizens of the United States now.

“We the People “require full recognition and legislation on guns and DACA Kids safety.  We would like our immediate concerns addressed.

  • 1. Ban assault weapons & large capacity magazines.
  • 2. Don’t sell guns to anyone under 21 yrs of age
  • 3. Issue restraining orders and temporary removal of all weapons from those known to have mental health issues.

If this sensible Legislation was codified , “we the people “ would feel that we have been heard!  This would be a first step pending further debate.

If you, community members, wish to debate this issue or any issue, I propose a new app, MicGoat, which allows you 1 min to debate fellow Americans on topics you choose. Check it out, I did!

Let’s urge McConnell to schedule Congressiobal debate on our DACA kids.  The majority wants them to remain in this country and continue contributing to society and give them the procedures to follow for a path to citizenship.  Their access to healthcare is in jeopardy.  They and their families are suffering emotionally and they deserve better.In addition, there are now 60,000 additional young DACA kids seeking permanency in our Country after living here for 5 years.  They are not eligible to apply for asylum under the lack of a ruling.

Next, the automotive industry wants to lessen the stringent fuel emissions.  We say no!  They can obtain 55 mph now.  I know, they could have implemented it in 1978 when I was at Ford.  The country needs to reduce CO 2 emissions.  Instead,  SUV’s are outnumbering sedans in sales?

The Seattle, Washington tax on emissions is a first step in Controlling CO2 emissions.  It’s now a ballot initiative in November.  Good luck.  #RockTheVote for good legislation & legislators who represent “We the People”, not the donor groups.

The tariffs and trade wars are not about China, who are 3% of the problem.  It’s retaliation by the EU & Canada, our trading partners, that becomes our problem, plus the unintended consequences of unemployment with rising prices.  And why are we dealing with this now?  Trump  decided to start trade wars against the advice of his Treasury Secretary, his party, and most economists, “he believes they’re easy to resolve”.  #Wait & See!

Meanwhile, there would be no money problems in America,  if big business invested in their people and products instead of buybacks.  America needs revenue not tax cuts to Corporations already making 40% profits.

I’ll see you later and we’ll chat.

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