Joyce, ” our Community “: Decency on the rise : The Dreamers & Parkland advocates are showing the way forward. We want Codification of our Rights. Join and advocate. The People Speak!

Change for the better is in the air!  Perhaps it started with the Women’s March.  Then #MeToo and suddenly with Parkland advocating #NeverAgain, more groups will feel emboldened to join together as one community!

  • Once social change begins, like a rolling snowball, it gathers momentum!

I see all of us joining together: Black Lives Matter, DACA kids & families, Climate Change Advocates & geopoliticaly motivated activists.  Our list of groups is equal to Corporate lobbying.  We want laws that benefit 360 million of us living in America.  We don’t want custom legislation benefiting only a few.  We want to close the wealth gap with better wages and affordable living conditions.  We will overcome apathy and silence with empowerment, legislation, and  by overwhelmingly #RockTheVote.

I’ve joined Action Nights at my Synagogue and have posted their action plan links for rocking the vote and easing voter access to registration and early voting.  What we do at Stephen Wise Free Synagogue can be duplicated.  We intend to rotate “action topics” monthly.  Next month we take on sensible gun legislation.  All action sheets may be used by anybody tuning in to our Community and improved upon.  If you have suggestions and add-ons, please contact me for inclusion in our “take action plans” @

With our awareness of the need for social action, we have a recommended  approach to your Congressional Representatives and  you may personally request change in exchange for your vote.  No one should feel disenfranchised. We are no longer lone voices for change.  The groups are joining!

It might have been prudent in past generations to remain silent, not today!  The Dreamers have led the way and rightfully demanded the change in their status that they’ve earned.  It’s important to note that the vote permitting them safety and citizenship was defeated in silence and overshadowed by the tragedy in Parkland.  Perhaps all these groups should ban together and make their voices heard on March 24th.  Surely our Representatives can handle two separate thoughts at the same time!  Only effective legislation codifying our goals is acceptable.

Be empowered, speak out and act to preserve our Democracy.


If you can spare 3 minutes to make your voice heard, you can help save lives. Please ask your representative to take immediate action to prevent gun violence today, then share this link with your friends and family.


The voting & NRA actions were tailored for NY State, however, everyone may use this format & customize it for your State or Federal Representatives.  We’re not supplicants, we’re the customer.  Either our Representatives legislate on our behalf or they don’t deserve our vote.  #RockTheVote /#NeverAgain/DACA safety & citizenship are our immediate concerns!  Empowerment and activism never stops.  We must keep working toward that more perfect union, the United States of America.

See you Wednesday and we’ll chat.

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