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As long as Trump is President, US Corporations will continue to hunt for elusive profits at the expense of the American Worker.

It happened in Youngstown, Ohio and it’s happening in Wisconsin.  Harley Davidson is letting go of a 25 yr work force, after declaring that Tariffs would have no effect on them.  Now Kimberly-Clark is letting go of 5,000 people in an effort to increase shareholder profits.  There is no place to absorb these people and the affected communities that will die.  The unemployment will continue independent of the Market.

The resulting hollowing out of American Labor will bring us once again to recession.

Dreadful, truly dreadful.  Predictable, harmful policy continues to take a toll on the American worker.  When the $1.5 Trillion Tax Cuts were distributed, the major Corporations said they’d use the tax cuts for buybacks and CEO salaries. There was never a bipartisan discussion on how best to use this money.  It was a done deal to reward Corporate Citizens only.

Is there any wonder we suffer from an opioid epidemic and worse as Americans continue to suffer.  Rather than recognizing that their lives could improve, if they all understood that bad policy was contributing to their despair.  They are becoming mentally unstable and distraught, medicating themselves into oblivion or using guns to quickly annihilate themselves or those they hate.  Either opioids or guns is their weapon of choice, depending on one’s level of mental instability and availability.( Dear followers, I acknowledge that many factors contribute to Opiod addiction, surely despair is one among many, in my humble opinion!)

We have become a self-destructive society.  The seeds of our destruction were planted in the late 1970’s.  The arrogance of our leaders and their belief absolutely in the power of  Wall Street has led us to this stage of social decline.  There is only one way forward.  Resist and strike for rights.  We can’t let the legislators continue to hollow out our society to satisfy their greed.  Sooner or later shareholders will understand that their returns on investment are artificially driven.  They are not based on good corporate governance, redevelopment of business, or the cultivation of human capital.

The market cannot be propped up forever.  No doubt, $1.5 Trillion helps prop it up in the short term.  However, to the greedy, $1.5 Trillion is not enough.  To the American People, $1.5 Trillion could have been a basic living wage of $12,000 distributed to 154 million Americans; or it could have funded massive building throughout our Land. It could have lifted all of us as we created and built new cities &. infrastructure.  The cash, used judiciously, could have provided good education and healthcare too!  So much money, so much concentration,in so few hands.

It was a colossal waste to give it the Corporations and reward them for nothing.  Take heart!  A United States can reverse this policy, too!  #RockTheVote!

There is a way forward.  It will take all of us, all women, every grass roots movement, banding together, encouraging each other to #RockTheVote! 

See you later and we’ll chat.


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