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Get it in writing!  Whenever talking to your representatives in Congress, whether it’s on the State or Federal level, get their commitments to you or your citizen group in writing.  Promise you’ll vote for them, that is your commitment, if they vote for the People’s services and not their donors.

However, if you’re disappointed in your representation in Congress on the State and or Federal level, then be sure to vote for the candidate who does represent your vision come election day.  The West Virginia teachers are an example of what can be accomplished legally by striking for their rights.  If you or your group need guidance, I understand they are willing to train other teachers or Unions in their techniques.  You are no longer alone.  There are many groups resisting bad policy and willing to share their positive experiences with you.

We the People expected fair and respectful treatment from our Congressional Representatives.  We don’t have to be scared to approach them and request that they accept responsibility and accountability for their actions.  If we can’t “clawback” their ill-gained money, certainly they should understand they no longer have our vote.

A written agreement between the Virginia Congressmen & Women and citizen groups would have prevented Dominion Energy from overcharging citizens without facing punitive damages.  Instead, the citizens of Virginia lost money and the Energy company has lucrative contracts for years.  This doesn’t have to be the end of this story.  Citizens can vote out the Congressmen & Women who betrayed them and create a ballot initiative to change the terms of the Dominion Energy Contracts or litigate!  Bad policy does not have to be endured.  

Let’s change our behavior and overcome donor influence by employing a Corporate Contract of Agreement between representatives of your community and your legal representatives in the State or Federal Legislature.  Newt Gingrich made Republicans pledge there would be no new taxes on business.  His strategy & contract was upheld for years.  Today, ” We the People” are suffering the consequences of his policy.  We’ve lost our livelihood; we’ve lost our social safety nets, and we will continue to lose unless we have the courage to confront our representatives and demand policy changes that are equitable.  There are many ways to reestablish our rights and groups of citizens are becoming role models for change that makes our lives better. Resist!

This is not the “ good old days”, when a handshake was your word.  Contemporary Government has become “government by the donor class for the donor class”.  ( A recent publication, by Adam Winkler, “We the Corporation: How American Business won their Civil Rights”, is a must read, according to The Economist.)  “We the People” can no longer rely on the kindness of our Congressional Representatives when they have opposing interests.  “We the People” must take matters of State seriously and employ effective tactics to overcome donor influence and deceit!” Clawbacks” are definitely up for discussion.  Not whether they should exist, they should.  The only variable is how much and how? 

  • We can litigate!
  • We can strike until our requests for improved services and wages are Codified.
  • We can write ballot initiatives that change our State Constitutions 
  • We must #RockTheVote for new faces and decent people in government.


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