AmericaSpeaks The Voice Of Joyce Periscope on Monday @11am “What’s good for Exxon is good for the Country?!”

There used to be a saying,” so goes Exxon, so goes the Country”.

The heavy hand of the fossil fuel industry is everywhere.  From the Dept Of Energy, formerly known as the EPA, to the tariff wars.  


Did you know that solar panels from China have no tariffs?  This destroys the American solar power industry and makes fossil fuels cheaper to produce.  Capitalism with no social conscience favors the cheapest product, oil!


Trump has put our Economy in peril, and by favoring fossil fuel emissions over clean energy, he and his administration are imperiling our planet.


See the interesting articles below on Trade Tariffs & the Rainbow Mountains Of Peru.   They were both posted on my Twitter site:



And then, the NY Times columnist, David Brooks’ concludes, there are no thinkers in Politics.  Why don’t we have alternatives to these dreadful policies?   There’s a reason: money.  Whatever you do, don’t vote for anyone with PAC money behind them.  Support decent people with decent values.  Politics doesn’t have to be a blood sport.   We need 25% new faces in Congress to create legislation that benefits “we the People”.  People who can conduct themselves in a civil thoughtful manner and make good decisions.  When” We the People “vote out Politicians who represent the Corporate “good” rather than voting for politicians who care about the needs of “We the People” , we suffer and become the working poor.  We can have benevolent Capitalism, I know, I lived through it.  Reforms in policy can provide equal opportunity for all, once again.

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