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The Supreme Court is now filled. ” We the People” can’t waste time thinking about the past.  To be effective, act!   Organize & develop transportation hubs to help people register and vote. Don’t think about anything except,  #Rocking the Vote for DEMS2018,  our lives depend upon it.


“We the People” can’t take more years of Government for the Corporations by the Corporations. “We the People” deserve the best Statesmen & women to represent us. “We the People” must elect realists to our Local, State and Federal Governments.  People willing to look at us , see our problems and respond with the appropriate solutions, making our lives healthier and more secure.


It is quite clear, the GOP, wants to maintain the status quo for a few,  at the expense of many US citizens,  and citizens of our World. Their quest for short term profits will leave most of us without arable land and clean water resources. They don’t care. Less mouths to feed,  as they jet away to New Zealand , or another protected sanctuary far from the madding crowd.


Make no mistake, sooner rather than later, most will understand that they have voted against their self interest.   If you vote for Trump and his hand picked cronies in the Corporate World and government, you’re voting for Corporate interests, short term profits and against the needs of the Middle and working poor and poor.  The Corporate elite only care about laying waste to our Country for their profit.  They don’t even pretend to care about the needs of “we the People”.


If they had an ounce of decency, they would be expanding Medicaid and  ensuring that higher education was free. Note: Universities in Israel charge $2800 per student on the undergraduate level and graduate level as well. That’s the Technion model and they accept 20% of Israel’s minority’s using the same metrics as everyone else.


Our Model, pay high admisistrative costs, build luxurious stadiums and cafeterias, emass $Billions in endowments, give scholarships to the poor, legacy seats to the rich and starve the Middle Class kids with Student Loan burdens.  Don’t you think we could create a more equitable system?


  • The American Model:  scholarships to the poor, legacy’s to the Rich and burden the Middle Class with student loans.  Grossly UNFAIR!


  • Because we see the truth, “We the People”, know our votes count to Corporations.  Without our votes, they couldn’t plunder our great Nation’s resources.   Our new mantra should be, this is the Society “We the People” want. If you don’t vote to represent us, we’ll never vote for you again. Mean it. Own it!


No more wishing for what could be. Act to change society now. Vote Democrat for yourself and your children and your grandchildren. Make 2018, a pivotal moment in America’s history. Make it the moment we brought back Democracy and strengthened our institutions. We owe this to ourselves and future generations.


See you later and we’ll chat.

Don’t be angry. Instead explain calmly how this administration has failed many Americans. Be proactive. #EmbraceTheFuture.Tell everyone how “we” newly minted Democrats, will look after and protect the needs of “we the People” and pledge to make their lives better!


“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class”


Dear followers:

I’m no longer just an activist Blogger.  I write and I do!  I act.  I’ve registered 18 year olds to vote.  I’m going to Houston, to help campaign for Beto O’Rourke.  I’ll help organize transportation to the polls with Community Activists.  Support me by following me and by your contributions.  So that I may continue to liearm, listen and ACT and go wherever I’m needed!  Thank you.  Give generously!

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