AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce #Shame on us! The Plutocrats got 10% wealthier as 26 million are out of work and millions lack healthcare, which is why they were tied to their Corporate jobs in the 1 st place. I think we need a 3 rd Party that’s Centrist , giving a clean Slate to Labor in 2020. We are back in the early 1900’s right before Teddy Roosevelt was elected and tried to turn around Government. We also need an effective Central Government made up ofScientists, humanists, Technocrats who will cater to The needs of all the People. We don’t want the current GOP, they’re a Plutocracy. Open the ACA now for everyone to obtain Healthcare. Also, on line education isn’t working. We need testing & a vaccine yesterday. At the very least buy an Oximeter . Protect yourself & your family.

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