AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce/ YouTube Interview,EPI #34 in 4 Parts, my Feldenkrais teacher; Self awareness, Jazz & BlackLivesMatter (Subscribe!)

Frederick, Feldenkrais Teacher interview in 4 Parts. 

Part 1 Introduction to Feldenkrais
Welcome to a Journey through time with Frederick Schjang , my Feldenkrais teacher. I was impressed with the agility I attained and wanted to share my experiences with you. 

Part 1 Episode #34: Join us on a Journey back in time to Moshe Pincus Feldenkrais journey to Palestine, at 14 before Israel became a State. As all young pioneers at the time, Moshe was a builder. He went on to study Physics at the Sorbonne and then developed his own methodology of movement, incorporating Judo, for the training of the IDF.

Several more recent, personal stories of movement affecting , “how well we perform”, in life. My teacher has also had many interesting experiences.


Through Feldenkrais, many have found that they have an untapped ability to move flexibly without effort and achieve much more in life, than they thought possible. Listen to their stories.

Part 2 Listening to your body, becoming self aware, increasing your understanding of yourself in order to decrease stress, trauma & pain. Listen and you, too, can realize your potential.

Part 3  Frederick and I discuss the NY Jazz scene and # BlackLivesMatter. I’m passionate, and so is Frederick, about Culture, Equal Justice & Economic Equality. 

Part 4  If you’re not already persuaded to be self aware and more agile, perhaps many will join Frederick in the Fall for a Feldenkrais Festival. Be involved and benefit from positive options available.

All my best.

The heart and pulse of “We the People”.

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