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Dear followers, in response to a friend’s question, I’m attempting to penetrate the #BlackLivesMatter movement by interviewing African Americans and the Police for a perspective on Racism in America. Listen to my interviews and comment or ask your own questions for me to answer. Start with Episode #35 on YouTube and be my guest , as we discuss what’s relevant to us. Thank you for joining me and Subscribing.

Part 1 The beginning of my interview with my friends of 25 years Cora Portnoff & Wray Gunn . Wray’s family settled in Stockbridge , Ma. before the Revolutionary War. Though they’re both acknowledged leaders in the African American Community, Wray has been discriminated against and experienced

Racism. We discussed our personal experiences and the entrenched culture of discrimination & anti Semitism in Firefighters & the Police.

Then we talked about the latest Protests for Equal Justice and pondered, would these protests become a movement, eventually Legislating Equal Justice and equal opportunity? We were doubtful as we noted, Legislation comes from a National Culture amenable to codifying laws to insure equal justice & opportunity. None of us see this possibility in today’s culture of purposeful racism perpetuated by our President.

Cultural change comes from the top down and the bottom up!

We moved forward with our conversation in Part 2, pondering who’s going to convert the Protest Movements to Legislation and what are the current issues exposed?

  • Police trained to shoot to kill.
  • The lack of counseling and community services outside the Police Forces. It wasn’t always this way. As citizens we changed the order of who responds to Societal and Community problems. Now, it’s the Police. They weren’t always the First Responders or Societies filters. Years ago, Social Services and Counselors were on call to help!
  • Incarceration and For Profit Incarceration, is a huge problem for the African American and Hispanic Community. As I recently found out, Police stationed in schools, target kids for future incarceration. Police on the school premises are now part of the problem.

We chatted on, moving us through several hours of conversation, that I’ve condensed into Parts. I do hope you’ll join us and ask me questions or comment. Episode 36, next week, will be my interview with a 20 yr old activist from New Jersey. Listen , subscribe and ask questions.

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