AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Israel opened schools early when their infection rate is lower than ours & has had to rethink the entire process as teachers became ill and entire Communities became infected. Go slow in America, especially where infections in the population are high. Implement the simple daily inexpensive tests available to us and being withheld by the FDA Rutgers is awaiting approval for 2 months. Help them get approval and you & your kids & teachers can test yourself daily to avert an outbreak. Maintain regular cautions throughout, Masks , Social distancing, disinfecting desks and materials used after every class. Feel confident you can resume school with minimal stress. Advocate for the simple daily test. Someone positive, it’s early and easy to tract & isolate contacts. The frequency of testing will keep us safe. If a family member is sick, do not send your child to school. Be safe, be smart & care about yourself & the community.

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