AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Trump & TrumpsGOP minimized this virus and now it’s out of Control in America. We needed a mandated Mask policy, social distancing & early detection of Covid 19. It’s like no other virus we’ve seen before & it won’t be the last. Not taking this virus seriously ftom day 1 was a mistake. Not having enough testing & PPE’s 6 months into this Pandemic is unconscionable. Bad policy has cost us lives and economic instability. Not counting the stress & trauma to peopke who try to live responsibly with no income! This is not happening in any other Western or Asian Country. Approve the Somple Cheap rest in your hone & stop outbreaks. It picks up the disease early before your symptomatic. A Game Changer. We need the Defense Production Act now! Ask your Congressman, some don’t know this test exists.

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