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Listening to polls has made me think about our Society’s values. How is it, that Americans who protested against the purposeless of loss of life in Vietnam, created venomous chants against LBJ,( “HEY , Hey LBJ , how many kids did you kill today”?), have turned a blind eye toward Covid 19 deaths.

Our deaths, I say ours, because we’re-connected, have been deemed acceptable by mostly GOP & Independents. The Democrats, not to their credit, approved of 180,000 deaths, too. At least, 10% , said those levels of death were acceptable?

What happened to our compassion , empathy, value of life? The most precious gift of all is life and it’s valued by many.

This evolution of our Society is dystopian.

It reminds me of the movies I’ve seen lately, where life is expendable. I never thought, I’d see the day, when we’d come to a state of numbness and we’d no longer see each other as human.

  • Yet, this total disrespect and disinterest was evident in many I polled. These same individuals, also commented, on Americans with out work. Their conclusion, 40-50 million are Lazy? How is this thinking possible, in an America, where Covid rages and Americans number 25% of Global deaths and are unemployed without a Social Safety Net? No other Western Nation treats their citizens with this much disregard for their well being.
  • My polling group was also unconcerned that 30 million are going hungry?

I ask you, dear reader:

Would you feel the same unconcern, if your favorite pet died?

  • Or you couldn’t feed your cat Fancy Feast?
  • When will all the People wake up from the numbness that pervades us and feel again.

Only when we allow ourselves to be human , can we be aware of others and acknowledge their humanness and value.

Wake up America, it’s wrong to think 180,000 deaths from Covid is acceptable. It’s especially not acceptable, when American ingenuity has already invented the testing required to prevent Outbreaks. Lick a Stick!

Together, we can create a thriving future.

The heart and pulse of “We the People”.

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