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YouTube EPI #52 Joyce Silver President/Trumps Alternative, if you can’t vote Democrat

Why me, the alternative to Trump ? If you’re never going to vote Democratic, I’m you’re choice. Don’t throw your vote away on Donald Trump and Trumps SenateGOP, they’ve moved so far right, an International study places the Republican Party on par with Authoritarian Governments. That’s why I’m proposing a 3 rd Party. A coalition Party with 2 running mates on my short list: Larry Hogan , Governor of Maryland & Mike DeWine, Governor of Ohio.

I’ve wanted a third party since 2012. Our Country need a Centrist and a capitalist with a ❤️ , a fiscally responsible government.

  • I’m a scientist by training and I’ve worked for 3 diverse multinationals plus I was a CEO of my own small profitable Family business, Merit Carpets, Inc till 2013, when I was forced into early retirement. I could no longer compete against National Labor Shops and cheap labor.
  • I started activism full time, Immersing myself in Politics. I’m a registered Democrat, but not an ardent Party “member”.

I’m a centrist. I care about people , all people, mindful that no societal change happens, unless it’s top down and bottom up. That’s how we changed cultures at Ford Motor Co, my first job, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and Bankers Trust. When I entered the family business, my leadership skills had been honed.

I’m for a large inclusive political tent. We’ll be flexible and carry on. Clear in our policies benefiting the poor and Middle Classes, ill we’re able to resume work and school with out fear.

We’ll have to hit the ground running, so many issues require immediate Government attention. No more gridlock. We need problem solvers.

We don’t want a government blind to the plight of we the people. We need a new found respect for government. Staffed with scientists, engineers, technocrats and visionaries. This is no longer the 20 th C. To get to the 22 Nd Century and beyond, we need to re think our priorities and plan for our future as Americans and as a member of our Planet of Nations.

What we do locally affects everyone Globally. We must be mindful of our actions. Pivoting to a more sustainable environment, will create many new jobs and investment, using the cheapest dollars available to borrow. Once more, America can be a beacon of light among Nations.

To know my feelings about Israel, read my Blog Post and Platform. Listen to my Videos. I’ve supported Technion University in Haifa and Peretz Lavie’s vision of an Israel that helps other Nations in the region achieve sustainability and trading partners.

Choose me as President, but don’t throw away your vote. Don’t waste your vote on Donald Trump or the other smaller parties. I offer you a alternate choice to Trump, when you won’t vote Democrat.

Thank you for listening. You’ll have to write me in, unless I’m on a ballot?

The Heart and pulse of “We the People”.

Joyce Silver

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