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The Democrats have no competition!

It pains me to hear Democrats either siding with TrumpsGOP, when doing right for the American People, is passing the For the Families Bill & the Infrastructure Bill with out delay. Joe Manchin shouldn’t pretend he’s Bi partisan, when the GOP’s mission is to obstruct any Democratic Legislation.

There is no Labor shortage.

“We the People “ got relief, not everyone, the Long Term Unemployed & Gig workers haven’t received their benefits yet. The employee population pool needs the Stimulus of the Family Plan to return to work. They need affordable childcare, transportation, eviction protections and preK education & free Community College for Economic opportunity. It’s draconian to cut unemployment benefits, forcing people back to work with raising the minimum wage and passing the Legislation that makes interfacing with the Public possible.

Since Corporations were quick to layoff their workforce during the Pandemic, offering monetary incentives for getting the Vaccine, with paid time off for side effects, is a reasonable request. Employees want pay with Dignity. Pass the $15 / hr min wage. According to yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, many in the fast food and hospitality industries are paying and willing to pay more per hour.

Supply chain Problems & the Market

The Stock Market, has its ups and downs and supply chain problems are to be expected in the short term. No one wanted to be stuck with too much inventory. Meanwhile, don’t wait for the last minute to Save our Democracy and our Economy. The Democratic agenda is set. Pass it now.

Save our Democracy and pass Legislation ASAP!

Last, there’s a shameless plug for my book, “Shining a Light On the Mueller Report”. It’s topical once again, since AG William Barr, is being considered for prosecution based on the lies spread about The Mueller Report. One of Robert Mueller’s conclusion, was to Impeach Trump under the Obstruction of Justice clauses agreed to by prior Republican Congress. My takeaway after reading and creating this synopsis was our Elections are in jeopardy! They were in 2016 & 2020. Purchase my book and decide for yourself.

The Heart and pulse of “We the People”.

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