TheVoiceOfJoyce YouTube #94 Priorities

EPI 94 Priorities/Description

What’s your priority? Long life. Enough money to support your family? Fresh Water? Infrastructure? Healthcare? 

In California there’s a recall. A vocal and active minority have the Law on their side to recall Gov Newsom. Is it your priority to Vote overwhelmingly for him? 

Is it your priority to stop Covid outbreaks? Or do you prefer we’re still living with Covid for another year? The choice is yours. 

Joe Manchin wants to delay the Infrastructure bill. It’s not his priority. Neither is Voting rights for Everyone. What choices would you make? What’s your priority. 

For me, everything is possible. We have the money. How the Country spends its money, defines our Priorities!
What’s your priorities? America has the money to fund them all!

The heart and pulse of “We the People”.

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