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IMG_5737Dear Followers:

Keep the heat on Hillary!   Start now, #Countdown102days till the election.  Why wait, let’s see Hillary be the leader she says she is?   Let’s we the people help her and urge all her committed Congressmen and women to support the following 1 02 Laws in the next 102 day.  Let these days represent her first 90 days in office.  If , as she claims, she’s better qualified then all other leaders for this job, let her prove it, now!    We the people, can’t wait for the first 100 days to see results. We can’t afford to put our lives on hold for another year at least. We need new laws and reforms now! Hope is nice, laws that change Income Inequality now are better. To remain in Congress, to be elected to serve the people, we demand change now!:

“We the People’s Platform” : Reduce Income inequality

  •  How?  Lower the Corporate tax to 21-28%  and close  all corporate loopholes

The revenue generated should be close to a Trillion $ , since most corporation pay 0-15%.  Use that money to stimulate the economy .


  • Create Stimulus programs for Jobs with accountability, work with government and the private sector to start infrastructure programs now! Start at the Dept of State and authorize accountable funds for technology. Then move to the private sector. We have 4 or 5 months before a new President is elected. Don’t be idle. Show us the leadership you bring to the table. The American people are waiting.



2nd Change the payroll tax  law:  increase the income ceiling to include all incomes , no matter what the amount.  This way everyone pays their share into the system.  Securing Medicare solvency forever!  The old argument, the wealthy don’t benefit, doesn’t work.  We the people haven’t benefitted from their Millions and Billions either!

It’s a start.  It takes a Village, and your leadership.  We already know JohnMcCain, Tim Kaine, Elizabeth Warren and Al Franken and many others in Congress support you.  Why make the people wait?  Shine now and give us a reason to “Hope”!


Donald Trump supporters, we need your help too.  Donald Trump he can do everything.  He is particularly fearful that ISIS will come to our shores.  However, with his connection to Putin, let them talk and assist John Kerry in hammering out a lasting in Peace in Syria, bringing the Shiites,  Sunni’s , Isreli’s, Turks, Kurds and the other 14 factions together to defeat ISIS .  This is a big job but someone has to do it.  As our potential leader, you have 102 days to jump start this process.  I’m sure you’ll have help from your supporters.


I offer my services to my country, becasue I believe in America and I believe in the power of Americans.  All potential leaders should be motivating as many chagemakers as they can now!  Why wait.  The 102 day countdown has started.   I know  you are both ready for this challenge, you’ve told us so.  You care about all 360 million of us!


The winner gets our votes.  Good luck!






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  1. I suggest a 14 or 15 percent flat corporate tax. There should be a 14/15 percent foreign tax credit. No further deductions. This would be a major tax increase for companies like GE, whose marginal tax rate is about 5 percent. At a personal tax level, Carried Interest income should be subject to FICA, regardless of the tax rate. Chad D.

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    1. Thank you for your suggestions! I will certainly publish them under comments. Spread the word and become a change agent , too! All the best Joyce

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