Joyce:America Speaks:Periscope@11am Revolution! Now!

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Dear followers:


See you at 11 am and let’s change our conversation.

There’s 3 months to the election, talk is cheap!  Both Candidates have provided a hook to grab us in!  I say it’s not enough!  Their “First 100 days should start now”!!!


The clock is ticking!


Their records, speak for them.  However, let’s use their words to demand the reforms we need now?

Hillary says she has Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, John McCain, Al Franken, Tim Kaine and so many more republicans and democrats lining up in Congress to change Law to benefit the Middle Class.  Show us!  Change the laws now to increase Income Equality!  Concentrate on one or two Laws and Resurrect the Middle Class now.  That’s all we ask!


Ditto for Donald Trump.  Use your clout now!  Don’t influence Foreign Powers unless you’re bring Peace to the Middle East.    Use Congress to enact Laws that benefit your supporters who are crying out for jobs!  You can do it, you said,  “I alone can bring change to America”!  Do it now.  Your FIRST 100 Days are starting now! 


Show us your leadership quality!

I look forward to seeing everyone at 11am.


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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