Joyce:AmericaSpeaks Periscope@11am Conflicts remain ! Positives & Negatives

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After reading the morning papers and listening to the news, there’s much to be concerned about and there’s lot’s to keep us informed and able to track progress within the next 100 days.


WNYC will schedule a news program tracking the first 100 days called Indivisible @8PM daily.


On the home front, 10 GOP members of the  House of Representatives did not vote to Repeal the Affordable Care Act.


  • NSA has not approved one of Trump’s Appointees, she admitted to Plagiarism.
  • Price slated to head HHS, may be disqualified for insider trading in Big Pharma.
  • Trump still has multiple Conflicts of Interest.  If the OGE  is free of reprisals and can act independently  of House pressure,  Shaub,  a well respected ethicist, will find Trump  in violation of the Constitution on his first day in office . Then, appropriate action on behalf of “we the People” will be served.
  • 59% of his appointees have passed the ethics committee.
  • 40% of “we the People” approve of Donald Trump
  • More wish to see his tax returns and the tax returns of his appointees!
  • Trump is already working for Russia as he calls out Angela Merkel on her immigration policy!
  • Wait & See

We have much to discuss at 11am.  Let’s be candid, we need the relief!

See you later.

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