The Voice of Joyce: Revenue Generation. We can do better! Why propose increasing deficits and defunding institutions and science?



Is this the best you can do  Congress & Mr President?  Why  de-fund all the agencies which are the bedrock of our Society?

  • “We the people”, need a strong EPA
  • “we need NOAA”.
  • “We need an early warning system “for extremes in weather
  •  ” We need to be better prepared to mitigate climate”.
  • “We need Increased funding to science and technology “, it’s pursuit is as important as preserving the public’s Health and welfare.  Progress into the 22nd Century depends upon our pursuit of Science and Technology!

I understand the needs of a more nimble military and don’t dispute your budget,  only the means requested to obtain the funding. The Defense budget has waste, eliminate 10%  of the waste and you’ll have your money. Stream line your procurement schedules,  don’t over budget,  and you’ll have more money.

Use my revenue generation plans and you’ll have $3-4 Trillion available for spending without increasing the Federal Deficit. Think about that?

There is no need to increase our Federal Budget. If we want to be fair to the American people, lower Corporate taxes to 22-28% , close corporate loopholes and tax their Foreign subsidiaries at 15%. Then everyone pays their fair share. Stop the three card Monty among the States.   American corporations in this country all pay the same rate. To encourage R&D give them tax credits. That’s how we encourage business innovation in our Country that’s how we can continue to be a great leader on the international stage while taking care of our people at home.

I have a vision for America and Americans that includes a massive infrastructure plan now. We have the funds for rebuilding without creating hardship and increasing our deficit. Look at my revenue generators and reconsider what can be done  with what we have.

Corporation’s are swimming in cash. They have a cash hoard of $800 billion. Some of that money belongs to the American People.

Why not invest in new business and do what Buffett does ?  :  assess  interest on loans  and take back  a preferred stock dividend for the American People.   When  the government invests in new business , the American people should be entitled to 10% of the Corp worth. We want our taxes to go toward innovation and success and we the people want to participate in that success, too! Our lives matter!

Incorporate my revenue generating programs and every American shares in health,  education , a good job and their pursuit of happiness.
Thank you.


Now , it’s up to “we the people, if you agree with my suggestions, pass the word and advocate for our future!  An innovative progressive future with  minimal not overwhelming debt.

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