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The only way to get money out of Politics, is to #RockTheVote. Join me across the Country on May 8 th and hold your own Voter Registration booths throughout your cities and towns. The Board Of Elections will send you a packet of 250 registration forms per organization.  We’re choosing to set up a Voter Registration table convenient to kids between the times of 2-6 pm.   What are your plans?


I also intend to contact the local schools. Everyone needs identification to Register. With that in mind,  12 States have set up automatic voter registration when you renew your license at the DMV or apply for aid at Government Buildings.  Just ask!   4 States are joining the 12 existing States making voter registration easier : New Jersey, Maryland, Washington and California. According to the Brennan Law Center 50 Million People could be registered to vote.


Now that there are massive drives to Register citizens , let’s look at some of the problems still existing in our State of Inequality and hidden by the chaos.

1. The DACA kids need sanctuary and a path to citizenship

2. Net Neutrality has yet to be reinstated

3. Tax cuts are being overturned in most States to fund education, pensions….

4. Job training is welcome, if you’re paid and it leads to an actual job

5. Restitution of a free press. I was disturbed to read that Alben Equities bought up local newspapers only to shut them down. We need to know local news. For your benefit in your community and for the benefit of our Nation. When something happens to folks in Oklahoma or Houston or wherever, I want to know. Perhaps when we share information and our stories,  we will feel more united and help each other,  rather than sticking to curated news content. Fox News, Sinclair and Facebook, etc do us no favors when they create divisions in our Country and allow fake news to flourish.

6. We need to unite around important issues. Healthcare Education and Infrastructure. All of these big issues has the potential to make us better educated and a healthier electorate. Together we can plan our future for a more equal society.

7. Someone asked me about Facebook’s , Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony. In my opinion, he did not address all the issues. Privacy of our data is #1.  The EU is leading the World on Legislation protecting personal data from third Parties.  They’re enforcing their Legislation with a hefty fine.  The secondary problem is Facebook’s  business model,  that  accepts money and spreads propaganda not facts . It has had dire consequences here and abroad. It has helped skew our election. Let ‘s not forget, Facebook personnel were helping the Trump campaign, create and target 87 Million people with scurrilous ads. This practice was abolished in 1987 by Congress.  Important controversial issues were given equal air time available to everyone, not a targeted audience.

8. Once again, kudos to our  Teachers women  and new faces running for Congress and local races. Nothing is more important than taking back our Democracy and working diligently on the problems confronting us.


Thank you for reading. See you Monday and we’ll chat.


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