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I“ve chosen to discuss our plight in today’s society. Two Foundations, Ford and Rockefeller have been at the forefront of developing Solutions to our State of Inequality.

Ford has been investing in Linking activists to change the Future of Labor. Actively sponsoring the Fulcrum Conference on the Future of Work , enabling us to link with those innovators who are creating job opportunities in their Communities.

The Financial Times Live Conference on Moral Money is attempting to tap into the $31 Trillion Private Global Investor Community, persuading Financial Managers to offer a moral alternative to their Investment strategy. Impact Investing can now partner with Community Banks, through Bond offerings, to provide seed money for Startups. AXA Insurance, through their Investment Managers , are educating their clientele about Biodiversity and the road to Low Carbon Emissions. Major US Banks are offering Bonds and investment strategies for transitioning toward a more humane, just society. There are 2500 “B”Corporations to invest in. TRANSITION!

Take a chance, Elon Musk , got his start by Government Funding. The Private sector must be involved, too!

The rewards are greater than the risks. Doing nothing, has a greater Cost.

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