AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce All across America people are queuing for food, unemployment benefits, voting, when they should be home Self Quarantined. There ought to be an easier way to survive & vote? In parts of America food is wasted, thrown out, it’s a shame when, all over our Country people live in food deserts. Can’t the farmers rent trucks, take their produce and meat where it’s needed and feed the Hungry. It’s not easy to order food in the big cities. The entire Country could benefit from better food to table ideas. I’d bring milk tankers into towns and fill up gallon jugs for peopke, like they do in poor countries when they run out of water. There is a huge need for food, vegetables, meat, chicken & milk, don’t waste, make haste, to a town not far from you. In this season of renewal, share with others less fortunate. Have a blessed day.

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